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The Mexican American Law Student Association (MALSA) was founded in the early 1970s by a group of law students at the University of New Mexico. The law students sought more diverse representation in the legal community and they founded MALSA to recruit, support, and assist Latine and Hispanic law students.

In 2010, MALSA Inc. was established as a 501(C)(3) domestic non-profit corporation focused on increasing diversity in the legal profession and giving back to our community through service projects. Today we are one of the largest and most active student organizations in the New Mexico community. Our projects include, mentoring programs for law students, free LSAT test preparation services for undergraduate students, pipeline projects for middle school and high school students, professional development grants for law students, and charity fundraisers for other local non-profits.


In 2011, we were recognized as the Law Student Organization of the Year by the Hispanic National Bar Association and in 2013 we received the National Achievement Award for Diversity from the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association.  

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